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We Explore the Unknown

We as a company, and as individuals, are inspired by the unknown. We do our best work in the unknown. SPACE is our internal innovation program where we experiment with new technologies, explore our passions, launch products, and have fun with our own ideas.

  • Demo Days

    Demo Days provide a safe space to launch new ideas, get feedback, and show off our creativity each quarter. These days accelerate our passion to keep learning and keep growing.

  • OPEX

    At our core, we believe in building reusable code and open source pieces to become more efficient. SPACE allows us to focus, iterate, and improve in our Operational Excellence (OPEX).

  • STIP

    Straight from NASA, we’ve adopted our own Strategic Technology Investment Plan. SPACE helps us explore new, emerging technologies and evaluate how they might fit into our technology stack.

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We're beyond excited to get to share with the team what projects we've been working on!

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