Early on in our company, it became apparent that we had assembled a team of creative builders. Lunch conversations quickly turned into window whiteboarding sessions of product and technology ideas.

While these times were fun, we all felt we weren’t living up to our true spirit. Talking about stuff is great. Building is better. To put some structure around this, we established “Demo Day” - a half-day, internal pow-wow to show off some cool things we had all built. We had our doubts. When we would find the time to do this extra work to build something? What should I make? Will I embarrass myself with my idea?

Pushing on through, the first demo day arrived, and all those concerns quickly fell by the wayside. Each person showcased their creativity and passion in building an idea to a supportive team. We never attacked an idea or a person. The only concern on people’s minds was...what’s next for your idea?

Demo Day continues to evolve and always will. It’s been a collection of individual projects and team projects. It’s a been full of simple hack ideas and robust product ideas. On that day though, all ideas are created equal. Each and every one is an expression of creative passion to take an idea and make it real.

See a glimpse of our history below.

November 14, 2014

Demo Day 1

On our first demo day, team members each found an itch they wanted to scratch.

  • Doorbell App

    Open office door through Slack

    Scott Weisman

  • Jekyll/Prose Blog

    Building a blog with a full CMS

    Kurt Cunningham

  • Secret Santa

    Group secret santa app

    Katie A.

  • Open Gym

    Manage open court bball

    Dave Corwin

  • Todo List

    Meteor based to-do list app

    Brendan Hennessy

  • Check in App

    Automatically check in to Southwest flights w/in 24 hrs

    Ryan Francis

  • Recipe App

    Designs for app to store your recipes

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Child

    Out having a kid

    Tom Cullen

May 21, 2015

Demo Day 2

From music videos to sports, each team member explored a passion.

  • Music Video Appearance

    Death Cab - Summer Skin :

    Jack Miller

  • Times Tracker

    Newspaper can track editing errors

    Kurt Cunningham

  • Screenprinting Tutorial Video

    Video of process for creating LPL posters

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Book Wish List

    Design for app to track reading list

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Pong

    App to score office ping pong

    Brendan Hennessy

  • Open Gym 2.0

    Re-factoring of Open Gym from previous demo day

    Dave Corwin

  • Whiskey Blog

    User Locomotive to create a blog about whiskey

    Katie A.

  • Ionic Demo

    Preview of the Ionic framework

    Scott Weisman


    A URL shortener with an amazing name :

    Tom Cullen

  • Fantasy Golf App

    Display golf stats

    Ryan Francis

October 8, 2015

Demo Day 3

Strength in numbers. Our first ever demo day teams were formed.

  • Bounded Wishes

    Create a meaningful photobook for someone you care about...with the people they care about.

    Ryan Francis , Tom Cullen , Monique Marchwiany , Wade Novak

  • Pong 2.0

    Save scores to ping pong games, Built in React/Meteor

    Dave Corwin , Brendan Hennessy

  • Playoff Fantasy Football

    Special FF game just for playoffs

    Paul Gonzalez

  • Moist Robot

    PM tool for digital agencies

    Scott Weisman

February 18, 2016

Demo Day 4

IoT. Gems. And video production. We even explored SPACE a bit.

  • Decanter

    Decanter is a Rails gem that makes it easy to transform incoming data before it hits the model.

    Ryan Francis , Dave Corwin

  • What To Do

    Make the best, most relevant decisions that are right for you.

    Victoria Palacios

  • Recipeasy

    We design and create e-books for food bloggers

    Paul Gonzalez , Monique Marchwiany

  • SPACE Promo Video

    A launch video promoting our new SPACE program

    Morgan Sanders

  • IoT Light

    Remotely controlling our office light via an HTTP request

    Brendan Hennessy

April 21, 2016

Demo Day 5

The intersection of should and must. API Integrations. #100DayProject.

  • Rover | 4C504C

    An API rover to explore our solar system and beyond...

    Brendan Hennessy

  • 100 Days Project

    A celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making

    Victoria Palacios

  • Rocket Paddle 3.0

    A new version of our favorite ping pong scoring app using Phoenix + React

    Dave Corwin

  • Shoestring

    A concept for a project management tool focused on scope and SOWs

    Morgan Sanders

  • Component Reference

    A quick reference for design components backed by HTML and CSS

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Funk Crusaders

    A new design for a band site including an awesome song name scroll

    Wade Novak

July 21, 2016

Demo Day 6

Connected Devices. Process Improvement. Art + Stuff. Recipeasy.

  • IoT Keg - "Flo" Rida

    A connected system to measure volumes of our beer and coffee kegs

    Dave Corwin , Brendan Hennessy

October 25, 2016

Demo Day 7

For this demo day we tried out a theme "Once Upon a Time" is what our team shared.

  • Power Over Everything

    An RPG game based upon the logic of 101-hand rock paper scissors.

    Brendan Hennessy

  • Wedding Website

    Built website for upcoming wedding

    Morgan Sanders

  • Sofar Sounds Site Redesign

    Used Keynote to prototype a new site design

    Victoria Palacios

  • Carlton Hits the Books

    Textbook exchange for students of Carlton University

    David Pickart

  • Bamboo

    A lightweight desktop spreadsheet app

    Dave Corwin

  • Book Blog

    A way to keep track of a reading list and write about them

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Team Illustrations

    Cartoon versions of everyone on the LaunchPad Lab team

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Rex Timer

    A natural language HIIT timer

    Paul Gonzalez , Monique Marchwiany , Rachel Killackey

  • RAFL

    50/50 raffles for non-profit organizations

    Scott Weisman , Monique Marchwiany , Wade Novak , Rachel Killackey

January 26, 2017

Demo Day 8

For this demo day, our theme was "Show Me the Money" is what our team shared.

  • New Billings

    A "thought" experiment comparing hourly v. fixed billings for web development

    Brendan Hennessy , Ryan Francis

  • ecobyte

    Fun text bots and design to help you save the environment with simple tips

    Morgan Sanders , Brendan Hennessy , Wade Novak

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