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Millennials and Gen X-ers today are consistently looking for better and more interesting experiences to enrich their lives. This app would be a storehouse of information for each individual around widely- available and highly regarded psychology tests that help people today discover more about themselves. Example tests include the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment, the Strong’s Interest Inventory, aptitude testing, and the Five Love Languages.

In doing this, the app could offer each individual things that might interest them based on their scores for each test.

The app would:

1. Store individual psychographic and emotional data about participants that help to guide them in making wise decisions to enrich their lives.
2. Cross reference psychological, aptitude or preferential data to guide each user to make decisions surrounding choice of work/vocation, work style, companion, extra-curricular activities, events to participate in, etc.

3. Increase its knowledge/database with each new app user so that it can more acutely target activities that those with similar scores might enjoy.

Future versions of the App might:

Overlay new information such as left- vs. right-handedness, Luscher color tests, Left vs. Right-eye dominance, Affiliations ( religious or otherwise), thereby helping to further hone ideas for each participant.

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