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At LaunchPad we like to read… A LOT.

Whether it’s articles about programming frameworks, cool products, beer, cats, dogs – you name it, we’ll read it. And more often than not we’ll want to share it. That’s why we decided to launch a weekly newsletter with articles we’re reading (sign up for it here!).

Since Slack is where we share our links internally, we thought why not use that content to populate a newsletter? There’s no sense in trying to gather up all of those links again and manually entering them into a MailChimp template when you can build a Slackbot to do the work.

With the simple slash command /mailer you can start a newsletter. Then it’s just a matter of picking the articles you want to include and which subscriber list to send the mailer to and BOOM. You’ve got a brand new mailer sent out in only a few minutes.

See Slackmailer in action here.

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