How it all Started

As humans, we’ve always wondered what is beyond what we can see. Science has advanced to give us probes and telescopes that can look into the depths of our galaxy and the cosmos.

Through NASA’s open API movement, we were able to tap into their data to build our “rover” to explore. Currently we’ve pulled in data from our moon, Mars, Hubble, and the International Space Station. With a save to home screen icon, we can pull up the site on our phones and get a quick rundown of what is beyond our planet.

As NASA and the team at the Jet Propulsion Lab open up more data and APIs, we’ll be adding them to our rover to see more and more. To infinity and beyond!

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    April 21, 2016

  • Commander

    Brendan Hennessy

  • Crew

    • Tools & Methods

      Node.js, NASA APIs, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

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