How it all Started

We asked ourselves a question: How do we know when our kegs are about to be empty? By kegs, we mean the small beer and cold brew coffee kegs we have on tap in our office. 

When the kegs are full, people in our office can enjoy some tasty beverages. But, when you’re the person that pulls the tap only to be surprised at the gurgling sound of an empty tap, it can be quite sad. With our interest in IoT, we wanted to build a connected system that could notify us when a keg is running low; allowing us to order a new one a few days before the keg is empty.

  • Mission Type


  • Website

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  • State


    July 21, 2016

  • Commander

    Dave Corwin

  • Crew

    • Brendan Hennessy

  • Tools & Methods

    React, Firebase, Particle WiFi IoT, Flow Rate Sensor

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