How it all Started

We created a tool to automate the blog creation process called Fuel. Fuel is a Rails gem that is open-sourced, which means the entire Rails community is able to use it. If you are a developer and are interested in using Fuel, please check out the docs on GitHub.

The way Fuel works is simple. Just add the gem to any Rails application, run the installation command, and voila - you now have access to a slick admin panel where anyone can create authors and blog posts. It also integrates with Amazon S3 to store your blog post and author images. Setup for this feature is as simple as updating the configuration variables.

From there, you can generate the blog views, add your styles, configure your SEO, and boom - you've got a full-fledged blog locked and loaded for battle. You can even activate things like Disqus commenting and social share buttons.

A new blogging gem from LaunchPad Lab

A blogging engine built specifically for rails apps

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