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“Ugh, this is so hard! I’m just not learning this and I don’t know why. I’m practicing every day. It’s just not enough.” How frustrating can learning a new language be? You put in the time with apps or lessons or random translation searches but it doesn’t seem to be enough. You have to remind yourself to open the app or go to class or to practice. Learning a language can end up being another chore, even if you’re passionate about learning it. And what’s more is that studies are constantly showing the best way to learn a language is through immersion. While we can’t pick you up, throw you on a plane, and send you off to the country of your new focus, we can help you immerse yourself in the language a bit more.

FotoFluent is a Chrome extension that appears whenever you open a new tab. You get a new vocabulary word in your chosen language each time you open a new tab. This way, when you work, when you’re browsing, or simply wasting time, you’re still learning!

With it’s sleek design and visual aids, you’ll be learning new vocab in no time! Images are meant to be another way to associate words in your brain, giving you another trick to help you learn! FotoFluent truly is the best companion to any language learning experience.

Brush up on German, Italian, Spanish, or French today!

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