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We were not thrilled with the form endpoint options available in the market. Given the functionality we needed, the pricing just didn’t make sense. So for another project, Rex Timer, we decide to build a simple form endpoint backend that worked for our purposes. It worked great for Rex, and we received over 100 form submissions.

Since the backend was already completed, we decided to polish it off and turn it into a product, Formfor. The key features we need to include, aside from the baseline ability to create a form endpoint, were to have a dashboard to view submissions and to allow for unlimited form creation. We also wanted to learn a little bit more about true SaaS products and how best to model, design, and build monthly subscription services. We hope you like what we have come up with!

  • Paul Gonzalez

    Paul Gonzalez


  • Victoria Palacios

    Victoria Palacios


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