How it all Started

At LaunchPad Lab, we love beer. It is part of our culture and we have a refrigerator full of unique beers that we usually break out on Friday afternoons. Not only do we like tasting them, we also really enjoy brewing them. As we looked online for great recipes to brew, they were really hard to find. There are message boards, blogs and brewing stores, but none of those had an easy way to find the recipes we were looking for.

So as a side project, we skipped a few beer tastings and built what we think is the best place to find great beer recipes and learn how to brew them. (Ok maybe we didn't skip any tastings... It's amazing how thirsty building a brewing application made us!) We made it easy to add recipes to our brew list, brew a batch, and get feedback on our brew.

So check it out: The Brewer's Barrel. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Introducing the Brewer's Barrel

Stemming from our love of brewing beer, we decided to build the best place on the internet to create, share, and find brewing recipes.

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