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The summer before my junior year of high school, I was looking for new books to read during my summer vacation. I came across a list on the Modern Library’s website that had “100 Best Novels” with both a Reader’s and Board’s list. Since there were books from each list that I was interested in, I decided that I’d read all the books from both lists.

I created a Word Doc that had both of these lists so I could highlight and keep track of all the books I’ve read. Soon I found myself coming across some really great quotes from these books and I started saving the quotes on my phone. This is when I realized that maybe creating a blog to keep track of all these books and quotes might be a better solution.

So I designed a blog that would easily allow me to manage my list of books, see some basic book meta data (author, number of pages, year published, etc.), add a quick reflection, and most importantly have a place to add the quotes that really resonate with me. The next step was to select a CMS to build it on. I knew I wanted to find a super light-weight one to test out and even potentially use on other projects in the future. I tried out Siteleaf and it worked great! Setting it up only took five minutes and creating editable templates that I could easily style was also a breeze. Once I had all my pages coded up I added some CSS Animations to give it a more polished and interactive feel. I’m definitely looking forward to keeping track of my books in here!

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