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PM / PHR Dashboard

By: Shannon Ferretti, Nikki Dow, Ifat Ribon, Hillary Stewart

Reduce manual steps in compiling PHRs

Kudos Updates

By: Diana Camacho, Conor Hawes, Monique Silva

Votes for multiple folks per weekly poll

Home Finances App

By: Mergen Battur

Wireframing for a personal finance reminder app called DollarSpace

Mindfulness App

By: Brett Hileman, Ji Park, Andrew Sass, George Lee, Danny Parnella

Deploying a native app to the App Store via TestFlight


By: Ifat Ribon, Brendan Hennessy, Ryan McMahon, Anthony Lower

Virtual race platform

LP Listener

By: Ifat Ribon

Making a gem instead of copying / pasting for PG DB triggers

Animating 3D Characters

By: Brady Soglin

Using the Blender and Unity Engines

Flight Readiness Review

By: Conor Hawes

Automating computer setup for devs at LPL

Chicago Artist Atlas

By: Katherine Evans

Ultimate destination for Chicago theatre artists and theatre makers

Salesforce Partner Portal

By: Rebecca Jasch, Kelly Keefer, Ryan Francis, Mike Wislek, Srini Simhan

Consistent way to distribute content to Salesforce AEs

Practicing Illustrations

By: Cassidy Brandt

Use Procreate to illustrate everyday things

Drawing Recognition AI

By: Alejandro Mejia Reyes, Chad Gregory

Extract emotions and feelings from drawings made by children

Birthday Buddy

By: Nick Lindeke

Glide mobile app for tracking friend's birthdays

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