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By: Kyle Dayton, John Koht, Brendan Hennessy

Make Kubernetes more developer friendly and HIPAA compliant

Static Site Deployment of Stephen-isms and Puns!

By: Conor Hawes

Creating and deploying a static website

LaunchPad Add-On 2.0

By: Ryan Francis, Kelly Keefer, Monique Marchwiany

Available on Heroku to accelerate API development via a default modern UX

NHL Stats Api in Ruby

By: Ryan McMahon

Ruby gem wrapper around hockey stats from the NFL

Mindfulness on Tap

By: Brett Hileman, Andrew Sass, Holden Faber, Ji Park

Using technology to learn how to be fully present and engaged in the moment

Asteroids Game 2.0

By: Dan Gutt, Danny Parnella, Angel Medina

Original game plus end state, timer, multi-player/multiple simultaneous games and power ups

Dev Committee Site

By: Katelynn Weingart

A site to manage historical and upcoming meetings for our #dev-committee

Gettin' the Word out about SPACE

By: Mike Wislek, Rebecca Jasch, Monique Marchwiany, Brendan Hennessy

Launching the new site and establishing a marketing plan to promote our SPACE program

Refactoring our Onboarding Process

By: Amy Shick, Ifat Ribon, Shannon Mason

Leveraging user interviews to highlight areas for improvement in our company and functional group onboarding

Apollo Client Reference App

By: Daniel Morton

A practical and working sample application for leveraging the Apollo Client library and GraphQL to interface with legacy systems

Game Dev Fundamentals - "Mr. Fossils"

By: Brady Soglin

C# and Unity Framework via Prototyping and Playtesting

Video Production and Shaping Culture

By: Paul Gonzalez

Video content series called "Up the Hill" to define our LPL Shaping Culture

Artlook Survey Documentation

By: Anthony Lower

Version controlled documentation for questions via a dynamic survey builder

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