Early on in our company, it became apparent that we had assembled a team of creative builders. Lunch conversations quickly turned into window whiteboarding sessions of product and technology ideas.

While these times were fun, we all felt we weren’t living up to our true spirit. Talking about stuff is great. Building is better. To put some structure around this, we established “Demo Day” - a half-day, internal pow-wow to show off some cool things we had all built. We had our doubts. When we would find the time to do this extra work to build something? What should I make? Will I embarrass myself with my idea?

Pushing on through, the first demo day arrived, and all those concerns quickly fell by the wayside. Each person showcased their creativity and passion in building an idea to a supportive team. We never attacked an idea or a person. The only concern on people’s minds was...what’s next for your idea?

Demo Day continues to evolve and always will. It’s been a collection of individual projects and team projects. It’s a been full of simple hack ideas and robust product ideas. On that day though, all ideas are created equal. Each and every one is an expression of creative passion to take an idea and make it real.

See a glimpse of our history below.

November 14, 2014

Demo Day I

On our first demo day, team members each found an itch they wanted to scratch.

  • Recipe App

    Designs for app to store your recipes

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Child

    Out having a kid

    Tom Cullen

  • Check in App

    Automatically check in to Southwest flights w/in 24 hrs

    Ryan Francis

  • Todo List

    Meteor based to-do list app

    Brendan Hennessy

  • Open Gym

    Manage open court bball

    Dave Corwin

  • Secret Santa

    Group secret santa app

    Katie Astrauskas

  • Jekyll/Prose Blog

    Building a blog with a full CMS

  • Doorbell App

    Open office door through Slack

    Scott Weisman

May 21, 2015

Demo Day II

From music videos to sports, each team member explored a passion.

  • Fantasy Golf App

    Display golf stats

    Ryan Francis


    A URL shortener with an amazing name :

    Tom Cullen

  • Ionic Demo

    Preview of the Ionic framework

    Scott Weisman

  • Whiskey Blog

    Use Locomotive CMS to create a blog about whiskey

    Katie Astrauskas

  • Open Gym 2.0

    Re-factoring of Open Gym from previous demo day

    Dave Corwin

  • Pong

    App to score office ping pong

    Brendan Hennessy

  • Book Wish List

    Design for app to track reading list

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Screenprinting Tutorial Video

    Video of process for creating LPL posters

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Times Tracker

    Newspaper can track editing errors

  • Music Video Appearance

    Death Cab - Summer Skin :

    Jack Miller

October 8, 2015

Demo Day III

Strength in numbers. Our first ever demo day teams were formed.

  • Moist Robot

    PM tool for digital agencies

    Scott Weisman

  • Playoff Fantasy Football

    Special FF game just for playoffs

    Paul Gonzalez

  • Pong 2.0

    Save scores to ping pong games, Built in React/Meteor

    Dave Corwin, Brendan Hennessy

  • Bounded Wishes

    Create a meaningful photobook for someone you care about...with the people they care about

    Ryan Francis, Tom Cullen, Monique Marchwiany, Wade Novak

  • RocketPaddle

    A fun way to score ping pong games for the table in our office

    Dave Corwin, Brendan Hennessy

  • SlackTwitter App

    A Slack Integration that let's you send tweets from Slack.

    Paul Gonzalez

February 18, 2016

Demo Day IV

IoT. Gems. And video production. We even explored SPACE a bit.

  • IoT Light

    Remotely controlling our office light via an HTTP request

    Brendan Hennessy

  • SPACE Promo Video

    A launch video promoting our new SPACE program

    Morgan Sanders

  • Recipeasy

    We design and create e-books for food bloggers

    Paul Gonzalez, Monique Marchwiany

  • What To Do

    Make the best, most relevant decisions that are right for you.

    Victoria Palacios

  • Decanter

    Decanter is a Rails gem that makes it easy to transform incoming data before it hits the model

    Ryan Francis, Dave Corwin

April 21, 2016

Demo Day V

The intersection of should and must. API Integrations. #100DayProject.

  • Funk Crusaders

    A new design for a band site including an awesome song name scroll

    Wade Novak

  • Component Reference

    A quick reference for design components backed by HTML and CSS

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Shoestring

    A concept for a project management tool focused on scope and SOWs

    Morgan Sanders

  • Rocket Paddle 3.0

    A new version of our favorite ping pong scoring app using Phoenix + React

    Dave Corwin

  • 100 Days Project

    A celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making

    Victoria Palacios

  • Rover | 4C504C

    An API rover to explore our solar system and beyond...

    Brendan Hennessy

July 21, 2016

Demo Day VI

Connected Devices. Process Improvement. Art + Stuff. Recipeasy.

  • IoT Keg - "Flo" Rida

    A connected system to measure volumes of our beer and coffee kegs

    Dave Corwin, Brendan Hennessy

October 25, 2016

Demo Day VII

For this demo day we tried out a theme "Once Upon a Time" is what our team shared.

  • RAFL

    50/50 raffles for non-profit organizations

    Scott Weisman, Monique Marchwiany, Wade Novak, Rachel Killackey

  • Rex Timer

    A natural language HIIT timer

    Paul Gonzalez, Rachel Killackey, Monique Marchwiany

  • Team Illustrations

    Cartoon versions of everyone on the LaunchPad Lab team

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Bamboo

    A lightweight desktop spreadsheet app

    Dave Corwin

  • Carlton Hits the Books

    Textbook exchange for students of Carlton University

    David Pickart

  • Sofar Sounds Site Redesign

    Used Keynote to prototype a new site design

    Victoria Palacios

  • Wedding Website

    Built website for upcoming wedding

    Morgan Sanders

  • Power Over Everything

    An RPG game based upon the logic of 101-hand rock paper scissors

    Brendan Hennessy

  • Book Blog

    A way to keep track of a reading list and write about them

    Monique Marchwiany, Monique Marchwiany

January 26, 2017

Demo Day VIII

For this demo day, our theme was "Show Me the Money" is what our team shared.

  • FotoFluent

    A Chrome Extension to help you stay fresh and immersed in the language you want to learn.

    Morgan Sanders, Rachel Killackey, Diana Camacho, Victoria Palacios

  • TokenMaster

    Simple and minimal user management with tokens

    Ifat Ribon, Dave Corwin

  • ecobyte

    Fun text bots and design to help you save the environment with simple tips

    Morgan Sanders, Wade Novak, Brendan Hennessy

  • New Billings

    A "thought" experiment comparing hourly v. fixed billings for web development

    Brendan Hennessy, Ryan Francis

April 26, 2017

Demo Day IX

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

  • Deal with It

    A SMS-based scavenger hunt using Polarized glasses

    Brendan Hennessy

  • FAF

    Free Aint Free - Data Ownership TED Talk

    Dave Corwin

  • Donutz

    Get real-time updates on 🍩 availability in the Chi

    Diana Camacho

  • Rebrand!

    A re-design of apartment searching

    Victoria Palacios

  • OpEx Badges

    Status badges on our OpEx Repos

    David Pickart

  • Notification Engine

    Notification Engine - A Ruby on Rails Gem

    Ryan Francis

  • Doorman - Hardware POC

    How to tell when our bathroom is occuppied

    Wade Novak, Brendan Hennessy

  • tells1kwords

    Going from Zero to One in Photography

    Paul Gonzalez, Victoria Palacios

August 30, 2017

Demo Day X


  • Village

    Affording Experiences for you Kids

    Paul Gonzalez, Monique Marchwiany

  • Moonlighter

    An app designed to help wannabe entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground

    Ryan Francis, Victoria Palacios

  • Daydream

    Start up idea generator

    Victoria Palacios, Ryan Francis

  • Doorman - Redux

    How to Refactor Hardware - "Bathroom light"

    Wade Novak, Brendan Hennessy

January 24, 2018

Demo Day XI

Is it 11 or 12?

  • Care Pack

    Care packages for the homeless

    Victoria Palacios, Waseem Karim, Brendan Hennessy


    Progressive web app research and dashboard build

    David Pickart, Rachel Killackey, Nathan Jones

  • Kudos

    Productize the LPL'r of the Week

    Paul Gonzalez, Monique Marchwiany, Scott Weisman, Diana Camacho

  • Kafka Demo

    Learn about real-time capabilities for Salesforce clients

    Ifat Ribon, Tom Cullen, Wade Novak, Ryan Francis

May 2, 2018

Demo Day XII


    Use NLP to generate job postings

    Ryan Francis, Rachel Killackey, Paul Gonzalez

  • PayValet "Sunset"

    Move LPL to Forte from PayValet

    Scott Weisman, Diana Camacho, Nathan Jones

  • WarRoom Updates

    Fix the Warroom demo and landing page

    Scott Weisman, Waseem Karim, Monique Marchwiany, David Pickart

  • Lwala Data Visualization (Mighty Ally)

    A data visualization of the annual impact report for reducing maternal and child mortality in Kenya

    Brendan Hennessy, Ifat Ribon, Victoria Palacios

February 5, 2019

Demo Day XIII

Dusting the gloves off with a "lite" format over Lunch

  • Poker Game

    Training for the Casinos

    Waseem Karim

  • Might Ally - Lwala - Marketing Site

    Rebuild a modern marketing site for the Lwala Community Alliance

    Brendan Hennessy, Victoria Palacios, Ifat Ribon

  • Marathon Trainer

    Team-based way to train for the 2018 Chicago Marathon

    Ifat Ribon

  • Event Bingo

    Find a meet up or event to attend with your Bingo Card

    Conor Hawes

  • React - Page Loading

    Progress bar for page loading similar to Turbolinks in Rails

    David Pickart

  • LP Serializable

    Improving serialization performance based upon the FastJSON API from Netflix

    Nathan Jones

May 22, 2019

Demo Day XIV


  • Map My Run Gem

    Ruby Wrapper around Map My Run API

    Ifat Ribon

  • Blueprinting Working Group

    Refactoring our Blueprinting process

    Stephen Stavrides, Nida Rashid, Danny Parnella

  • Strong Arms

    A nested parameters friendly alternative to strong_parameters found in Rails

    Nathan Jones

  • Stickers and Logos

    Inspirational sticks

    Analisa Bernardi

  • NBA Player Combine Comp

    Practicing some React with NBA Stats

    Anthony Lower

  • C(E)TA (slack CTA command)

    Where's my CTA train!?!?!

    Conor Hawes

  • React Canvas

    Rendering some bouncy balls

    David Pickart

  • Music Venue App

    An app to discuss concerts by Music Venue

    Katelynn Weingart

  • Web Bluetooth API

    Using the Web Bluetooth API to control the BB8 robot

    Brendan Hennessy

  • Kudos Slack Integration Research

    Slack reminders and commands to give Kudos

    Diana Camacho

  • Sketch templates and SEO Audit

    For the LPL Site

    Monique Marchwiany

August 15, 2019

Demo Day XV

  • Design for Dummies

    Exploring the design lifecycle and how professional designers do their thing

    Stephen Stavrides, Analisa Bernardi

  • Chewie

    ElasticSearch Query builder DSL

    Nathan Jones

  • Design Systems

    Developing a design system at LPL

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Design Thinking Playbook

    A TED talk on Design Thinking principles and how to apply them to LPL projects

    Nida Rashid

  • ActiveStorage in Production

    Yea or Nay on ActiveStorage for image uploads

    Anthony Lower

  • Sales Strategies

    TED style talk led by Kelly

    Kelly Keefer

  • LPL Client Onboarding App

    An app to teach you how to build front-ends at LPL

    Conor Hawes

  • myOpener - The One with the Plan

    Building out the product plan for a music venue discovery app

    Katelynn Weingart

  • Kudos - Multiple Votes

    Functionality for multiple votes

    Diana Camacho

  • MadeBy

    Direct-to-Consumer Brand discovery product + designs

    Paul Gonzalez, Analisa Bernardi

  • Catch of the Day

    Completing the Wes Bos tutorial

    Danny Parnella

  • Rotaluclac

    A 39A product idea for dynamic lead capture forms

    Brendan Hennessy, Stephen Stavrides

  • FLAB - Rebuild

    Rolling my own CMS + React on Rails

    Ryan Francis

November 21, 2019

Demo Day XVI

  • Metric Reports

    Auto-generated project health reports from Asana

    Paul Gonzalez

  • LPL Add-on

    A build accelerator on the Heroku Add-On Ecosystem

    Ryan Francis, Kelly Keefer

  • kudos design updates

    Updates to a demo day classic - Kudos App!

    Monique Marchwiany

  • slime volleyball

    A remake of a classic game - gotta beat my brother!

    David Pickart

  • myOpener

    A music venue discovery app

    Katelynn Weingart, Danny Parnella

  • Slack stand

    A new process for async team stands

    Stephen Stavrides

  • Ladder app

    UI to publicize our growth ladders at LPL

    Brendan Hennessy, Ifat Ribon, Diana Camacho

  • Refactored CSV Importer

    TDD of CSV importer for Artlook

    Anthony Lower

  • PWA

    A quick proof-of-concept for a PWA for the GuildRow web app

    Conor Hawes

February 20, 2020

Demo Day XVII

  • FLAB - Content Marketing

    Michael gives a lesson on Content Marketing and SEO/SEM optimization

    Ryan Francis

  • react client updates

    More updates to the NBA combine app

    Anthony Lower

  • movie data importer

    Importing and building a recommendation engine from the IMDB data

    Dan Gutt

  • Prosci Health Report update

    More automation for our project health reports

    Paul Gonzalez

  • Artlook accessibility

    Making the new Artlook map UI accessible

    Conor Hawes

  • Polargraph

    Converting digital images to polargraphs

    Monique Marchwiany

  • Slammed

    Fun app to track Slammin' online

    David Pickart

  • Benefits wiki

    Generating a wiki with YNAW for our HR docs

    Shannon Mason

  • Baby Bets

    Collecting $ for gifts for the new baby

    Katelynn Weingart

  • HS Deck

    Blueprint findings for Human Synergistics

    Stephen Stavrides, Analisa Bernardi

  • jaam

    A music collaboration application that lets multiple musicians make music together

    Mike Wislek

  • LPL Hub

    PWA to display real-time updates on the code pushes and deployments at LPL

    Brendan Hennessy

August 26, 2020

Demo Day XVIII

Our First fully remote Demo Day!

  • Dynamic Email Content

    Exploring live-updating email content on Kudos voting using AMP Technology

    Paul Gonzalez, Diana Camacho, Danny Parnella

  • Asana Celebrations

    Custom Asana Celebrations when completing a task via a Chrome Extension

    Ifat Ribon, Shannon Mason, Scott Weisman

  • MadeBy - Business Pitch

    A business and product plan for building a marketplace for interior designers

    Ryan Francis, Analisa Bernardi, Kelly Keefer

  • StarFox Process

    Best practices on deployments and releases for Artlook using templated checklists

    Stephen Stavrides, Anthony Lower

  • jammin'

    Rebuilding the SPACE site using the JAM Stack, GraphQL, Headless Wordpress, and GatsbyJS

    Brendan Hennessy, Mike Wislek, Conor Hawes, Monique Marchwiany

November 18, 2020

Demo Day XIX

Welcoming a lot of new team members and continuing our remote format

  • Communication

    Async Video Process to avoid Right-But-Different interpretations and increase our "shanding"

    Paul Gonzalez

  • "The Village People" - Shared Contact List App

    PWA Address Book for Misericordia

    Conor Hawes, Monique Marchwiany

  • Heroku Add-On Enhancements

    Autogenerated UX Tier for API layer linked into Heroku Connect

    Ryan Francis

  • I.O.T. Blob Buddy

    Raspberry Pi enabled dancing Blob LED sequence upon Asana task completion

    Brett Hileman

  • 0 A.D.

    Open source "Age of Empires" clone mod - post-game charting and statistics

    David Pickart

  • jammin' (encore)

    Re-design of the SPACE site and performance optimizations with Gatsby

    Monique Marchwiany, Mike Wislek, Brendan Hennessy, John Koht

  • Workable Email Automation

    Ensure responses to candidates as part of our recruiting pipeline using AWS tools

    Scott Weisman, Conor Hawes, Katelynn Weingart

  • Asana Celebrations 🎉

    Customizing Asana celebrations upon task completion

    Ifat Ribon, Shannon Mason

  • asteroids game

    Web-based multiplayer game based upon the classic Asteroids arcade using Phaser.js and

    Danny Parnella, Dan Gutt, Anthony Lower, Angel Medina

  • d3 Data Visualization

    A primer on d3.js integrating with React and server-side rendering with S&P 500 data and iPhone productivity metrics

    Alex Jin, Ji Park, Chika Umeadi, Brendan Hennessy

January 1, 2014

Demo Day Zero

A grouping of missions that pre-date our formal demo days

  • Formfor

    Form endpoints for easy things

    Paul Gonzalez, Victoria Palacios

  • Fuel

    Simple, Open-Source Blogging Engine For Rails Apps

    Ryan Francis

  • Brewer's Barrel

    A better way to create and share the best brewing recipes

    Brendan Hennessy

  • Slackmailer

    A Slack integration that generates a MailChimp newsletter

    Wade Novak

  • eCarCrash

    Way to settle your car accident insurance claim without a lawyer

    Scott Weisman, Brendan Hennessy

  • WarRoom

    An easy way for lawyers to manage deposition transcripts during litigation

    Scott Weisman, Tom Cullen, Brendan Hennessy

  • PayValet

    Accept check and credit card payments from customers on your PayValet webpage.

    Scott Weisman, Brendan Hennessy

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