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With a newly acquired ping pong table, the smack talk began in earnest around the office. It quickly became apparent that to back up all the talk, we’d need an official way to track the score of our games.

Knowing we’d want a simple way to tally the score without disrupting gameplay, we settled on simple foot pedals to record a point scored. These pedals would also be used to select your player and create new games. Since we couldn’t live without the continued taunting, we decided to post to Slack the results of every game so everyone is well aware of who needs to be dethroned.

We’re currently in the midst of an intra-office tourney and RocketPaddle is certainly doing a bang up job of tracking our scores. It’s also a nice aesthetic shout out to the simpler days of arcade games and ATARI.

Next feature for RocketPaddle: some audio integration with that classic 8-bit sound!

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