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By: Paul Gonzalez

Async Video Process to avoid Right-But-Different interpretations and increase our "shanding"

"The Village People" - Shared Contact List App

By: Conor Hawes, Monique Marchwiany

PWA Address Book for Misericordia

Heroku Add-On Enhancements

By: Ryan Francis

Autogenerated UX Tier for API layer linked into Heroku Connect

I.O.T. Blob Buddy

By: Brett Hileman

Raspberry Pi enabled dancing Blob LED sequence upon Asana task completion

0 A.D.

By: David Pickart

Open source "Age of Empires" clone mod - post-game charting and statistics

jammin' (encore)

By: Monique Marchwiany, Mike Wislek, Brendan Hennessy, John Koht

Re-design of the SPACE site and performance optimizations with Gatsby

Workable Email Automation

By: Scott Weisman, Conor Hawes, Katelynn Weingart

Ensure responses to candidates as part of our recruiting pipeline using AWS tools

Asana Celebrations 🎉

By: Ifat Ribon, Shannon Mason

Customizing Asana celebrations upon task completion

asteroids game

By: Danny Parnella, Dan Gutt, Anthony Lower, Angel Medina

Web-based multiplayer game based upon the classic Asteroids arcade using Phaser.js and

d3 Data Visualization

By: Alex Jin, Ji Park, Chika Umeadi, Brendan Hennessy

A primer on d3.js integrating with React and server-side rendering with S&P 500 data and iPhone productivity metrics

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