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Mindfulness on Tap (Cont'd)

By: Brett Hileman, Alex Jin, Ji Park, Andrew Sass

Using tech to unblock mindful breathing practices

Project rerun - Idea Pitch

By: Brendan Hennessy

Running a remote race as a company

Onboarding Committee

By: Amy Shick, Ifat Ribon, Katelynn Weingart, Daniel Schadd, Rebecca Jasch

Implementing processes and updating documentation

Unnamed Project

By: Analisa Bernardi

A low key way to help WFH and in office workers be succesful(ly tracked)

Dev Committee Hub

By: Katelynn Weingart, Paul Gonzalez, Diana Camacho

One place for discovering resources in Notion

March Saneness

By: Anthony Lower

Sports Betting Data Analysis on March Madness

Re-architect SPACE

By: Rebecca Jasch, Brendan Hennessy, Monique Marchwiany, Mike Wislek

Gettin' the Word out about SPACE

Australia Zoo

By: Danny Parnella

Accessible Navigation via Keyboard and Screen Reader support

It's Just Coffee Slack App

By: Nikki Dow, Conor Hawes, Shannon Mason, Nick Lindeke

Migrating our monthly coffee pairings to a Slack app with a matching algorithm

LP Token Auth

By: Dan Gutt, Daniel Schadd

Adding security enhancements to our JWT authentication

Procedurally Generating 3D SeaShells

By: Brady Soglin

Brand new fossils!


By: Daniel Morton

Creating personal software for a singular user

Technical Proficiency Series

By: Nida Rashid, Stephen Stavrides

Product Management Intro

Plants vs. Zombie Invaders

By: Ryan McMahon

A terminal game built with Ruby and Gosu

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